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Forged for adventure and built for life, talaria Sting is a lightweight and compact bike frame. Using 6061 aluminum alloy with a superior forging process of 6000 tons of pressure, the frame is qualified to assure you a safe and fun riding experience through even the toughest terrains.


The Talaria Sting is powered by an impressive 60V 38Ah lithium-ion battery which can be swapped and/or removed in seconds, allowing the possibility of a limitless range with a simple battery.


FREY’s passions for gravity sports, and the expertise in perfecting the equation for the best e-bikes ever created. We pride in providing our community an e-bike that won’t break the bank, only pavements and rocks.


If you want to get a taste of off-road cycling, an Apollo Mountain Bike helps you to enjoy a scenic ride somewhere new.

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eMOTO is the one-stop shop for all your mountain bike and electric bike service and repair needs. Our experienced mechanics will assess your bike and advise you on the best repair or upgrade options to suit your individual needs. We offer top-quality components as well as precision installation, so you can rest assured knowing that your mountain or electric bike is in good hands. With our extensive knowledge of bicycle technology and years of experience in the industry, you can trust eMOTO to keep you riding! 


Complete Overhaul

Comprehensive overhaul service for custom built off road bikes. We can take care of all your custom bike needs. Our highly-skilled technicians are able to provide the highest level of service with quick turnarounds.

Custom Parts

Our custom parts service provides you with the perfect solution for all your off-road bike needs. Our knowledgeable technicians can also advise on what parts will work best for your ride and provide installation services, so you won't have to worry about doing it yourself.

Bike Fitting & Delivery

Our expert technicians are trained to evaluate your individual needs and help outfit your bike with custom components tailored to your body type and riding style. We also offer delivery services, so you can have your new setup delivered right to your door.


I recently purchased a Talaria bike from MMS360eMOTO and it has completely changed my off-roading experience. The bike is lightweight and agile, yet powerful enough to tackle the most challenging trails and terrain. Not only is it reliable and durable, but it also looks great too! MMS360eMOTO's customer service was top notch, they answered all my questions patiently and made sure that I got the perfect bike for me.


I'm a big off-roading enthusiast and when it comes to finding the perfect bike, EMOTO has been my go-to destination. My Talaria bike has exceeded my expectations in every way - its power, reliability, agility and looks are amazing. Not only that, the customer service at EMOTO was top notch - they answered all my questions patiently and made sure I got the perfect bike for me.


I couldn't be happier with my Talaria bike! It's lightweight and agile, yet powerful enough to tackle the toughest trails and terrain. The bike not only looks fantastic, but its reliability and durability are second to none.